Anonymous whispered, i will give you a hint that now that i really think of everything i really shouldnt tell you who i am because of reasons but yeah lets just say that i am struggling with you and have been for a while now gosh i am sorry but you just succeed to amaze me with your... amazingness from time to time

honestly what harm could it do if you told me who you were. it’ll stay between us two if you like

posted 1 year ago

Anonymous whispered, 5 bloggers you wish you were friends with?

missavagardner, christiansbale, christophernolans, damnafricawhathappened, whereismyoscar

posted 2 years ago

Anonymous whispered, what are some good movies similar to warrior or the fighter or win win???

i don’t watch that many movies similar to those, but one that comes to mind is the wrestler. if you haven’t seen it, check it out. it’s incredible

posted 2 years ago

Anonymous whispered, thank you, also, is there a way to add a gif from off your computer when making a post, instead of taking the url from tumblr? idk if that made sense...

i think i know what you mean, you have to click 

and it should work. if it doesn’t show it means the gif size is too big 

posted 2 years ago