Track Name: California English
Artist: Vampire Weekend

California English (Acoustic) // Vampire Weekend

Normalement nous jouons cette chanson avec l’autotune… Pour la première fois sans autotune”

Lolita (1997).

Stanley Kubrick exhibit at LACMA


Nicolas Winding Refn. 2011

LA River, Los Angeles, California
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Adele Exarchopoulos wearing some Marc by Marc Jacobs sunnies

I think that nudity is beautiful. Sometimes it can be awful, but when it’s beautiful? Cinema is the art about reality; it’s art from reality. In French we say l’art de la realite. You show reality, so you have to show bodies.

Track Name: Too Much To Ask
Artist: Arctic Monkeys

And the ending doesn’t sound like the happiest around

Robert De Niro in Taxi Driver (1976).

Ryan Gosling in Drive (2011).

remember when i fell asleep at work and a customer had to wake me up well that customer told my boss about it whoever you are random customer who likes to bust nice people who are just a little tired i will find you and i will pinch you really hard

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